All our soups are made from scratch each day so if you need a specific one or have allergies please call in advance. Our chef can make just about anything so feel free to call and see what's on for the day! Minimum of 12 servings per selection.

$7 per person Broth based 

$8.50 per person Cream Based or Chili 

$14.50 per person Seafood Chowder

Lunenburg seafood chowder Lobster, crab, haddock, shrimp, scallops in a cream based broth ** market price 


Gluten Free  Vegetarian

White & Wild Mushroom Bisque GF V
Vegetarian Chili GF V
Potato & Leek GF V
Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato GF V
Vegetable GF V
Tomato Vegetable GF V
Cream of Broccoli GF V
Cream Of Asparagus GF V

Corn Chowder GF V
Curried Butternut Squash & Carrot GF V
Spiced Carrot & Ginger GF V

Fall Roasted Squash & Pear GF V

Butternut Squash Apple &Pear GF V

Spinach & Pork GF

Thai Pork GF
Chili GF
Beef Vegetable GF
Beef & Barley

Chicken Corn Chowder GF

Chicken or Turkey Noodle

Clam Chowder GF

Seafood Chowder GF



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