Items that are specially designed for business clients. 

Cancellation Policy 

All cancellations, regardless of event, must be received 7 days prior to the delivery date. Any cancellations made within this period will be billed at 100% of the invoice. To cancel your event/ catering request,  an email must be sent to with CANCELLATION in the subject line. 

Assorted Artisan Sandwich Platter

Dont let the name scare you, we simply prepare a platter of our classics and staff favorites,  lots of variety and always delicious. $11.49 per person 

Platter includes

Triple threat Club house three layers of toasted whole wheat bread with real mayonnaise, real cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, all white chicken breast and bacon strips cut into quarters.

Beefeater Steak thin sliced beef on a grilled garlic butter infused bun with grilled peppers, Spanish onions topped with Swiss cheese and creamed horseradish 

Healthy Harvest four falafel balls accompanied with your choice of Hummus or tzatziki spread, diced tomato,  cucumber,  carrot, pickled turnip and lettuce leaf wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla .

Slow & Steady 36-hour slow roasted pork butt with our house signature seasonings. Pulled apart and smothered in a sweet BBQ sauces topped with our own cabbage slaw and lettuce leaf 

Sweet-tart All white turkey breast with house made orange zest sauce, English cucumber, red onion, lettuce leaf with double cream brie

From the Sea Cold smoked salmon on a bagel with balsamic cream cheese, capers, red onion and fresh tomato


Business Vegetables and Dip

Depending on the size of the tray you can expect to see the following: Carrots, green, yellow, orange and red peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, beans, zucchini, English cucumbers and grape tomatoes. Served with a creamy dip. If you are looking for a healthy alternative choose to have hummus for the dip

Small $36 (Feeds up to 10 people) 

Medium: $53 (feed up to 15 people)


Business Fresh Fruit Medley

We start our creation with a juicy pineapple and add honeydew melon, watermelon, cantaloupe, green grapes, red grapes, oranges, strawberries, star fruit and exotic fruit if available.

Sold in two sizes: Small $40.50 (feeds up to 10 guests) Medium: $69 (feeds up to 15 guests)

Due to the fluctuation in the price of fruit for the winter, we may be unable to supply all the fruit available for the above price, this usually applies from January to May, please ask for details when placing order

Add yogurt dip for $3.50 more by request only


Business Cheese and Crackers

A selection of local and international cheeses including medium cheddar, Swiss, Brie, Camembert, smoked Gouda, spiced Havarti and jalapeno jack.

Plus: Lately I have been able to get some really great cheeses including Wensleydale, apricot sage derby, Guinness and more. Displayed on platter as whole pieces.  If you would like cut up please let our team know when placing your order

Premium Cheese platter $8.50 per person minimum of 5 people per order. 

Add assorted deli meats (Kielbasa, brothers pepperoni, prosciutto and more) $8.50 per person 

Budget Cheese & Crackers

 This is our basic cheese and cracker tray with only cheddar, Mozzarella, Swiss and marble 
$6 per person minimum of 5 people per order 

Add assorted deli meats (Kielbasa, brothers pepperoni, prosciutto and more) $8.50 per person Premium 



Coffee or Tea (Red Rose) 

$2.65 per person (minimum 5 people) 


Juice or Pop

Single serve $2.75

Bottled Water $2.50


Business Soup and Chowder

All our soups are made from scratch each day so if you need a specific one or have allergies please call in advance. Our chef can make just about anything so feel free to call and see what's on for the day!

$7per person Broth based

$8.50 Cream Based or Chili 

$14.50 Seafood Chowder 

Lunenburg seafood chowder Lobster, crab, haddock, shrimp, scallops in a cream based broth **market price

Gluten Free  Vegetarian


White & Wild Mushroom Bisque GF V
Vegetarian Chili GF V
Potato & Leek GF V
Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato GF V
Vegetable GF V
Tomato Vegetable GF V
Cream of Broccoli GF V
Cream Of Asparagus GF V

Corn Chowder GF V
Curried Butternut Squash & Carrot GF V
Spiced Carrot & Ginger GF V

Fall Roasted Squash & Pear GF V

Butternut Squash Apple &Pear GF V

Spinach & Pork GF

Thai Pork GF
Chili GF
Beef Vegetable GF
Beef & Barley

Chicken Corn Chowder GF

Chicken or Turkey Noodle

Clam Chowder GF

Seafood Chowder GF


Business Desserts

Fresh baked Sweets and homemade cookies

 A generous selection of brownies, Nanaimo bars, and squares. $2.95 ea. 2 pieces per person

Cookies  $2.95 ea, 2 per person (Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Oatmeal Raisin, Double Chocolate Chip)

 During the Holiday‚Äôs we have lots of shortbread and seasonal treats.


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