Bar Services 2024

Make your bar service worry free. We will handle your entire bar needs from start to finish. We provide fully trained bartenders who insure your guests will be provided with responsible professional service.

All-inclusive package:

Cash drawer, float, ice scoops, shot glasses, cork screws, water service, garnishes, good quality plastic glassware, and all alcohol including beer, wine and high balls, complete setup and cleanup. Unfortunately due to liquor restrictions all wine for the dinner tables must be supplied through whoever holds the license so if we are looking after purchasing, we will pick up the wine of your choice and only charge you what we paid for it plus an additional $5 corkage fee per bottle, maximum 2 bottles per table please with our bar services. For the 2024 season, we have partnered with several local wineries and can offer some exceptional pricing on bulk purchase, please ask for details or tasting.

We offer this complete package for $295 with the purchase of catering services. Prices start at $5.50 for all basic drinks, beer and highballs to $6.50 for wine. Caterer as well supplies some drinks at higher prices to offer more variety. For a detailed list of product please contact the caterer.

Bar staff is billed separate at $24.95 per staff per hour. Our staff arrives one hour prior to guests to set up and usually stay about a half hour after bar closes to clean up. This price is based on a minimum 6 hour shift. A typical event averages 8-9 hours. Our staff work very hard but please remember they are only human, if you require them to work more than 9 hours, wages will increase accordingly.

Minimum sales for our bar guaranteed at $1500.  Client must provide caterer with a credit card prior to event to pre-authorize $1500.00.  If bar sales do not exceed $1500.00 the client will be responsible for the remainder. For an average wedding for 100 guests this is rarely a problem.

Bar Prices


Beer $5.50

Red and White Wine $6.50 per glass

Regular Bar Shots $5.50

Premium Local beer & ready to drink cocktails $7 and up

Bottled Water $2

Pop, or juice $2


If you would like to provide tickets to hand out to guests, for drinks at the bar, we require a preauthorization of $2000 on your credit card. At the end of the evening, we apply the total drink value of all received tickets towards the provided credit card.


A few things to consider and our rules:

  1. No outside alcohol other than what is supplied by the caterer may be consumed on the premises or around the venue; this includes any and all attached parking lots. Our insurance would be null and void if a liquor inspector decides to visit.
  2. In Nova Scotia, it is illegal to offer self-serve alcoholic drinks. This would include grab and go beer, spiked punch etc.
  3. Our insurance for bar services only applies when we supply the alcohol.
  4. Our bar staff are not included in the food gratuity charged. They put a tip jar on the counter at events. If you do not want them to do this, please arrange with our team for an end of night gratuity. See also our sheet on what our staff do.
  5. If you would like to only offer glassware at the event, caterer automatically adds a third staff just for clearing. Staff are unable to wash glasses as they go unless the venue has a commercial high efficiency dishwasher. Many venues do not allow for hand washing on site.
  6. It is not uncommon for the liquor inspector to inspect wedding venues to check on proper liquor service and adherence of the rules, which means whoever obtains the license, is not allowed to consume any alcohol. Please ask for details.
  7. Due to the responsible beverage service program, all service staff reserves the right to refuse alcohol service.
  8. Often times it is the client’s friends that do not know about the laws in Nova Scotia and how harsh the penalties can be for both the client and the caterer so our crew will politely but firmly deny service and if they continue drinking their own alcohol the bar will close and we will be forced to call the police. 
  9. There are some special rules in Nova Scotia where we are unable to extend your license. This is usually when the client is having a tent wedding or weddings within a private home. In this case, the license must be supplied by the client designating the caterer as the buyer (Only applies if we are supplying the alcohol)
  10. Staff duties to include the following, some exceptions may apply. Our staff looks after the sale and service of all drinks. They will as time allows clear cups and bottles from tables but this will depend on how busy the bar is. Some bar events are extremely busy for the entire night. If you are concerned that the tables will get messy, we recommend hiring another staff just for clearing.
  11. Any staff that work past midnight outside of Halifax, will require overnight accommodation.
  12. If you require staff to stay past the bar closing for help with cleanup, this will be quoted on an individual basis.
  13. When the bar closes, our staff will clean the bar area, package up all the alcohol and mix and have ready for removal or placed within the space in an orderly fashion. Our staff does not supply venue teardown of tables, chairs, linins etc.
  14. Due to the extremely warm summer wedding season, caterer has some limitations on supplying ice. For locations with the city, we can supply ice for $4.50 per bag. For areas outside the city, we require the client to supply all ice for keeping drinks cold and for drink service. We recommend at least 25 bags for a typical wedding. Many locations offer deep freezers where you can store the ice for our use.
  15. If you supply the wine for us, please try to have it delivered cold in coolers as it can take up to 10 hours to get several cases of wine cold prior to a wedding.

With any of our service, if you do not see something or are expecting us to supply a service, please do not hesitate to ask. It is better to know ahead of time then to have an issue at an event.


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